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12 Aug
Forex Risk Reward

Forex Risk Reward Ratio

The Forex Risk Reward Ratio has been in debate since the beginning of time. If you have been trading FX or simply read up about it you would be familiar with the terms used. When it comes down to Risk Reward we have 2 types of traders or strategies.

27 Jul
FX wasting money

FX Trading Cost Killing Your Account?

One of the many reasons that FX traders do not achieve success on their trading accounts is due the costs they are paying for trading. Different FX brokers have a range of ways to charge clients for using their services and it is a great idea to see how these could be affecting your profitability.

14 Jul
What is forex trading

What is Forex Trading?

‘Forex’ or ‘FX’, an acronym of Foreign Exchange, is simultaneously buying one currency while selling another based on market analysis, news and overall market sentiment.