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Happy 2019 Trading Year

It’s always best to start your year on an organized and profitable note. Most people create unrealistic new year resolutions.

Here are a few common ones.

“I’m going to lose 20 kg in the next three months” 

“I’m going to exercise 7 days a week”

“I’m going to save tens of thousands of rands a month”

The problem with these goals is when you realise that the results are showing slower than you expected.

This will cause you to become disheartened to carry on.

Today I’m going to help start your trading on the correct path to your 2019 with five achievable trading resolutions.

Resolution #1: Set aside money to grow your portfolio

In the beginning of every month, make sure you save and deposit any money you can afford to trade with.

It may be R500 per month, R1,000 per month or even R10,000.

After you’re finished reading this article, create a beneficiary for the BlackStone Futures banking details. This way you wont have to re-type the details every time you deposit money into your trading account every month.

Think of it as your contribution to your own retirement.

Resolution #2: Save 15 minutes a day to trade

The world is filled with distractions from social media, Netflix, DSTV to even online messaging.

You don’t need me to tell you how quickly time flies by every day, and the copious amounts of time we spend on many nebulous activities.

Make sure you save just 15 minutes a day to open your trading account and trade the markets.

Resolution #3: Read our daily email

We don’t like to bombard you with too many emails like other companies…

This is why we give careful attention and care to the content we produce.

Once a day, make sure you check your email and read through either an article from me, a real-life trading video from Dean or other trading articles and specials which will help you grow and improve as a trader.

Resolution #4: Set your own goals with trading

Write down your own trading goals for the year.

Answer these questions.

  1. How many trades would you like to take this year?
  2. How many trades do you expect to be winners?
  3. How many trades do you expect to be losers?
  4. What trading strategy will you work and improve on?
  5. What percentage return on your portfolio would you like to achieve?

If you’d like to share your trading goals with me where we can talk about them and I’ll give you my thoughts on your goals and help you get on the right path, you can email me at [email protected]

Resolution #5: Go through our Welcome Guide to prepare you for the year

We have prepared a complete BlackStone Futures Welcome Guide for you to see all of the exclusive resources we have to offer you.

If you have not read this important guide, click here to download it now. 

Own this year

I welcome you again to another exciting trading year with BlackStone Futures and I wish you all the success trading can bring you.

I’ll see you next time.

If you feel your score could be better then make sure you check out our extra free trading lessons by clicking here.

“Wisdom yields Wealth”

Timon Rossolimos
Analyst, BlackStone Futures

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