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Have you considered trading forex, but found yourself stuck wondering how to choose a forex broker? Commission or no commission? Fixed spread or variable spread? Local or foreign? Regulated or unregulated? There’s a lot to consider when choosing a forex broker and it can all be a little bit daunting when you’re just starting out so we’ve created this handy guide to teach you all you need to know and get you to select the best forex broker first go.
Are you based in South Africa and looking for a side hustle or change of career? Have you considered forex trading in South Africa? It’s very easy to start forex trading in South Africa as we have local forex brokers that give you access to the global market with low minimum deposits and Rand denominated accounts so you don’t have to worry about annoying bank wire and currency conversion fees. Another great thing about forex trading in South Africa is local time is very close to that of Europe and lots of forex trading activity takes place in European daylight hours.
"Trading on margin" is another way of saying that you are borrowing money from your broker. This gets done to increase your market's exposure. The money will get borrowed by your broker, and the leverage ratio that gets used will determine the amount, with the collateral being a fraction of your trading account. This gets referred to as margin for that trade.
You've most likely heard of the term forex but assumably have no idea what the fuss is. Continue reading to find out what is forex and what you need to have an understanding of the basics. Forex is also known as FX or foreign exchange and is a network of sellers and buyers who trade single currencies for others at a price that's agreed upon. Earning a profit is the primary purpose of currency trading. Foreign exchange trading takes place on the foreign exchange market, otherwise known as the forex market. You will probably have been making a forex transaction if you have travelled outside the country. When the quantity of currency gets converted every day, volatility exists, which affects price movement. The volatility appeals to traders, as with risk increases, they can get high profits.
Have you been looking at trading, but wondering how much do I need to start forex trading in South Africa?  If the answer is yes, then this article is for you. Though you don’t need much money at all to get started, investing properly in yourself will make your job a lot easier - returns are always relative to the size of your investment and if you want to get serious about trading, you need to make a serious investment. Trading a small balance will encourage you to take unnecessary risks and will lead to nothing but blown accounts and money down the drain.
Would a great general go into battle without a strategy? No, and nor should you go into the market unprepared. Sound forex trading strategies are what separate the pro’s from the losers. You may win a few battles in forex without a solid game plan, but the war will almost certainly overcome you. If your goal is to be a market grizzled veteran, still standing, still growing your wealth long after your adversaries' corpses have rotted and returned to the earth, you’re going to need to develop a profitable forex trading strategy, and you’re going to need to develop the courage and resolve required to stick to it.
New York, Tokyo, London, and Sydney are the four Forex centres of the world, and because of their location, Forex trading is a 24-hour market. An over-the-counter (OTC) market means that Forex can get traded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Since all forex exchange gets traded electronically and is not centralized, you can trade through brokers, banks, and market makers.
Forex trading might be a foreign concept for you, but it is an excellent opportunity to make money, and to do this, you need to get educated in Forex trading. Knowing how the different markets and methods work will help you minimize your risk and set yourself up for success. Let's discuss how to trade Forex for Beginners. Firstly, what is Forex?
The NAS100 is a predominantly US equity index composed of the largest stocks listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange, excluding financials. The 100 largest financial stocks make up a separate index, the NASDAQ Financial 100.
Have you ever wanted to learn how to trade forex? Forex trading can be a great side hustle to supplement your income and one day you could maybe even trade professionally full time. Starting out trading can be a little scary so we are here to help with all you need to know to dive straight in.

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