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06 Nov
US Elections

The US Election Cheat Sheet

As we saw a lot of the financial markets migrate from open outcry to electronic trading, so we saw less importance in Fundamental Trading and more emphasis in Technical Analysis Trading. Many traders, including myself, hold the belief that the fundamentals are priced in the technical. Despite this, there are still some days that fundamental […]

03 Nov
US presidential election clinton vs. trump

How Could Financial Markets React on US Election Results

It is true in any democratic country that if the incumbent party, in this instance the safe bet Hillary Clinton, wins the election the more at ease the Forex markets feel. The reason for this is that there will not be any drastic policy changes. The general consensus is that if Clinton wins, the markets […]

03 Nov
US presidential election clinton vs. trump

The US Candidates – Effect On Financial Markets

Donald Trump – the rank outsider – is the Republican Party Nominee. A successful businessman who has made a fortune, lost a fortune, and made it back again. He has proven to be savvy in the calibre of people he surrounds himself. This is evident in his running mate, Mike Pence. Trump is new to […]

03 Nov
US presidential election clinton vs. trump

Current Environment – Effect On Financial Markets

This has definitely not been the most conventional US Election campaign. In fact the word extraordinary comes to mind. There are many parallels with Brexit to be drawn and many of those means that the financial markets have experienced a very different behaviour to years gone by. Investors anxiously try and find value. The global […]

03 Nov
US presidential election clinton vs. trump

US Elections Introduction – Effect On Financial Markets

There is an Old Danish proverb that states, “It is difficult to make predictions – especially about the future.” For those of you that try and forecast any major event, you probably find yourselves on one of two spectrums. You either back the odds on favourite – the safe bet, or you back the highly […]

30 Sep
Forex Scam

How to Spot a Forex Scam

Forex Scam Wherever there are large sums of money involved, the darker elements of society are never far behind. Attracted by the opportunity to fleece unsuspecting investors of their hard-earned cash, many scammers abound in the FX, or Forex, trading industry. Forex Scams are not uncommon.

09 Sep
Forex Weekend Analysis

Forex Weekend Analysis – Golden Opportunity

Some might say weekends are for hanging out with family and friends. When it comes to trading many traders make the sacrifice and use the weekend for analysis. They do this to improve their trading strategies and better themselves while expanding their knowledge.

08 Sep
Forex Market Makers

Forex Market Makers – Conflict Of Interest

Conflict of Interest, something we experience on almost a daily basis in different forms. When it comes to Forex this raises big concern for multiple reasons. Do we really want to have a conflict of interest with our FX broker? The very place you trust with your hard earned money.

05 Sep
Forex Leverage

Forex Leverage – The Double Edged Sword

One of the most frequent questions we get asked, is to please increase the leverage on a clients FX trading account. What is it about having huge amounts of leverage that gets so many clients banging on the door and looking for more and do they understand the implications?