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About Us

About Us

BlackStone Futures is a financial markets spread trading company. We provide individual or corporate investors with the simplest, quickest and cheapest way to trade the markets; online or via the telephone.

We offer prices on a wide range of global instruments including:
- Forex
- Global Equities
- Commodities
- Stock Indices


How do I open an account?
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How do I transfer funds to BlackStone Futures?
What terms and conditions govern my trade with BlackStone Futures?
How can I limit my risk when trading?
What is the difference between a Stop Loss order and a Guaranteed Stop Loss order?
What is the difference between a ‘Rolling Spread Trade’ and a ‘Quarterly Spread Trade’?
Does BlackStone Futures offer any advice or when to buy or sell?
How does BlackStone Futures make money?
Is it possible to have both a long and a short position open in the same market?
Where can I find information relating to an individual market?